Mosquito Control

The Mosquitoes are the vector agent that carries viruses and parasites from person to person. The Yellow Fever, Dengue Fever, and Chikungunya, and transmit the Aedes aegypti (the main virus for Dengue and Yellow Fever) and Malaria

More than 700 Million people infected and approximately 2 Million deaths are reported annually through out the world by Msoquitoes born diseases.

Mosquitoes go through 4 stages in their life-cycle: egg, larva, pupa, and adult or imago. Adult females lay their eggs in standing water, which can be a salt-marsh. The first three stages are aquatic and last 5–14 days, depending on the species and the ambient temperature; eggs hatch to become larvae, then pupae. The adult mosquito emerges from the pupa as it floats at the water surface. Adults live for 4–8 weeks.

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